John Ditch

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Time was always an issue for J.D., he's a DJ, but above all, a family man.
Nothing ever tops this, but consumes lots of hours a day, leaving little chance to make music.
Occasionally some remixes (Madonna, Robbie Williams) but never a complete track of his own.
Now times have changed! Family gives him more room and opportunity knocks.
The first 2 tracks are out! "10 Thing" is a pumpin' production and features J.D.'s own vocals.
10 things tells the story about the stuff and bullshit DJ's have to put up with.
Remember those words and never, never ever say those to any DJ.
The next tracks are already in production!!

Ocean Management

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SerGeant management, a division of Ocean Multimedia is exclusive booker for John Ditch.
Call 06-43498795 for scheduling and questions (Dutch, English and German speaking).
Also International booking go through SerGeant Management.