Introducing John Ditch

John Ditch

As a 15 year old, he started spinnin' records at small party's, using his own equipment. He was resident DJ in many clubs around Rotterdam and is still resident for many hot clubs right now.

With a mix of Tech House, Tribal, Groove and Clubmusic, he does the most sexy set on the planet. His hardware set up differs from venue to venue. Using anything available to make music, computer, CD, grooveboxes and lot's of additional equipment.He is an Allround DJ who can handle any club or party.

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DJ or Artist?


J.D. is not the first DJ to let the the boundry's fade away between being a DJ or an artist. But he does it with a complete new and uplifting style. Using all kind of equipment like grooveboxes, drummachines, computers, CD players, keyboards, vinyl, other musicians, singers and MC's. And his own voice. More often the venue dictates the stuff he'll be using. His beats will pump anyway even with only 2 CDJ's and a simple mixer. It's not the electronics that make floor go nuts, it's the DJ/artist !!!