John Ditch @ Work

John Ditch

A short cut to see this DJ @ work could be a visit to one of his gigs.
As said, John has a lot of buttons to push now a days and he loves it! House, progressive, tribal and more at most of the party's. JD pushes the limits with his sets. Again 2017 was a very hectic year with lot's of gigs and very special party's and 2018 will bring even more work to the DJ. This year 2 new songs will be released. . So... lot's of music will be coming your way. His sets in clubs are legendary. In the meantime you can enjoy his music by listening to his songs, to be downloaded from al mayor downloadsites like iTunes and Beatport or check out new songs and edits on soundcloud, even a complete mixset is to be found there.

Bookers for party's and festivals can call "Manager SerGeant" (see contact page) or mailto