John Ditch, DJ or Artist

John Ditch

Nowadays the line between being an Artist or being a DJ is very narrow, or actually, completely gone. DJ's know how to move a crowd and get them to party, as good as any mayor artist. DJ's like Hardwell, Tiesto and Armin van Buuren, sell as many tunes as Rihanna, Madonna or Robbie Williams and even draw bigger crowds to the dancefestivals world wide. DJ's are using a variety of tools to make the party go BOOM! And so.... they are Artists in every way. Same story for DJ John Ditch, he uses all tools to get the party going. His choice of music is wide, at house/dance party's and festivals it's Tech House, Tribal, Progressive and Club. At the Clubs it's even wider, tunes go as low as R&B and as high as Hardstyle and everything in between.

Bookers for party's and festivals can call "Manager SerGeant" (see contact page) or mailto